A tooth can be lost for many reasons. And a dental implant is the best solution for a single missing tooth or a number of missing teeth.

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Dental implants are titanium screws used to replace the root of a missing tooth. Later, a crown is placed to complete treatment in a two step process.

Now, with 3D digital implantology, the entire process is streamlined and very comfortable for the patient. More importantly, we could see how it would benefit our patients and our practice, adding 100% precision and predictability to every single procedure.

3D Digital Implantology in 2022

It’s about digital, virtual implant planning using 3D x-ray’s and 3D CAD CAM technology. Knowing exactly how and where the implant is to be placed before we even begin is imperative. We do this with 3D digital implant planning. You, as the patient see the entire planning process and are involved in every stage, from planning to execution.

Through integrated software, we select the size, type and position of the implant. The software highlights nerves and ensures a 100% guaranteed treatment of your dental implant.

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Later, restoring the implant in a single appointment with 3D CAD CAM and having full control over the process gives us great confidence in the final result.

The real magic comes when we use ultra-modern technology and techniques to minimize patient trauma. Visits to the clinic are also reduced, while still delivering a superb level of care and treatment. And the best part? It takes just one appointment to make the abutment and crown!

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How does a dental implant work?

It’s very simple. A dental implant normally works in two stages:

    1. Firstly, we’ll take 3D x-ray images and plan your treatment with you during an initial consultation. The placement of the implant screw can take 20 – 30 minutes. For your comfort, we offer a relaxing sedation which means you might dose off during treatment. You will be relaxed and very comfortable. Once complete, you can rest at home, following our simple post care instructions.
    2. A healing period of three months is important to allow bone to grow and regenerate around the threads of the implant. After this period passes and integration with the bone is complete, the implant is restored. This final step requires two things. (i) an abutment connector and (ii) the crown.

dental implant

Finally, the most important thing when considering dental implants and a succesful treatment is the amount of bone available to place the implant in.

Bone Graft & Dental Implants

When a tooth has been missing for several years, bone gradually reabsorbes. If a tooth needs to be extracted due to abscess or fracture, the bone level can also be affected.

Therefore, in some cases bone graft is needed. This is a synthetic material used to add volume to the existing bone. It creates additional bone and therefore increases the possibility of safe implant placement. Thanks to modern techniques, a bone graft can normally be done at the same time as the implant.

This is great news and has multiple benefits for the patient. For example:

    • Doing bone graft and implant placement together means the whole process heals at the same pace.
    • Plus, the patient avoids a second surgery.
    • And finally, only one set of meds with antibiotics is required, instead of a second dose on a second surgery.

Dr Juan Francisco Gomez

Dr Gomez is our specialist in dental surgery and rehabilitation

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