Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry is responsible for the prevention, treatment, and maintenance of your kids oral health.

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kids dentistry

We all know that kids sometime skip brushing their teeth. In our clinic, we have specialist kids dentistry to take care of your children’s teeth and oral health. Most importantly, regular visits to the dentist as a child can prevent major dental expenses and health problems later in life.

In addition to professional cleanings and perhaps the use of othodontics, prevention during childhood is paramount to good oral health as our kids grow up.

Kids Dentistry

  1. Preventive treatments:
    • Prophylaxis is a professional cleaning of all the teeth and includes a simple checkup.
    • Sealants are used to ‘seal’ the biting surfaces of baby teeth, usually molars, to prevent decay and pain. This is an excellent preventative treatment.
    • Dental fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and promotes healthy teeth.
    • Teaching good eating habits followed by thorough brusing.
  2. Restortive treatments:
    • Fillings are healthy, white composites resins used to restore a chipped or decayed tooth.
    • Pulp treatment: Pulpotomy and pulpectomy could be used in case of severe decay.
    • Frenectomy is a surgical procedure focused on correcting the position and size of the patient’s labial frenulum.
  3. Corrective treatments:
    • Orthodontics is used to correct the position and alignment of the teeth, improve the bite, and finally, leave them beautifully aesthetic.
    • Extractions may sometimes be necessary to create space for the adult teeth to come through in the correct position.
    • Brushing: We’ll help teach you and your kids the best way for them to brush their teeth and help prevent decays.

kids dentistry

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