This includes braces or clear aligners to correctly align the bite and improve the position of teeth.

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Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that is dedicated to correcting the position of the teeth and aligning them correctly. Thus, improving the bite and also the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

In children, it is also responsible for correcting certain bad habits. This can include atypical swallowing, finger or object sucking, and tongue interposition. These habits will produce incorrectly positioned teeth and eventually the jaw can be affected too.


Firstly, Dr Juan Francisco Gomez will perform a detailed analysis of the patients bite and oral habits. In older children, this might include a 3D x-ray of the mouth to visualize the position of all the teeth and their roots. With this specialized 3D imaging, he can also see any teeth that will be erupting soon, and be sure they are growing in the correct position.

This is the time where treatment planning is important. He can tell you what needs to be done, how long it will take, and which system of orthodontics will give the patient the best results.


Orthodontic Solutions

Happily, thanks to modern technology and techniques, we currently have multiple options and treatments available.

  1. Fixed Orthodontics: this means braces, which is also known as brackets.
    • Brackets: Metallic/aesthetic (ceramic or sapphire), conventional or self-ligating,
    • Damon System
    • Lingual Orthodontics (3M incognito)
    • Children’s fixed orthodontics
  2. Removable Orthodontics:
    • Invisalign: This treatment uses a series of removable transparent aligners designed by 3D technology. It is the most modern type of treatment in the field of Orthodontics today. Plus, it is very easy and comfortable for the patient to use.
    • Instead of typical braces, you get a pack of 3D printed clear aligners. These are almost invisible and not noticeable.
    • You replace your aligner every two weeks for the next one in the series, which gently push and adjust the teeth to their new position. Consequently, it offers high levels of success and the treatment is practically invisible.
    • And the best part? You can remove them for eating, special events or whenever you need to.


3. Functional appliances for children’s orthopaedics: These are removable intraoral devices that use muscle force to obtain changes in the position of the teeth and jaw.

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