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9 April, 2022 Dentistry

Happily, oral surgeries are not what they used to be! Technology and techniques have changed greatly over the years, making the entire experience more comfortable for the patient. Subsequently, treatment time and trauma to the patient is greatly reduced.


8 April, 2022 Dentistry

Dental implant planning using a digital workflow for greater accuracy, improves the patient experience and reduces time in the dental chair. Our state-of-the-art 3D x-rays and integrated software can meticulously plan your dental implant treatment with accuracy and efficiency. 


25 March, 2022 Dentistry

The benefits of CEREC is that is an an advanced technology and treatment is done in one single session. This is a system that makes restorations in less than one hour, from start to finish! Subsequently, these restorations are safe, strong, metal-free, and extremely esthetic.

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